Sacraments are those activities Christians are called to carry out. According to the great African theologian, Augustine, a sacrament is an outward sign of an inward grace that has been instituted by Jesus Christ. There are two sacraments in the bible—baptism and communion. 

Baptism is the process by which people become Christians. By the pouring of water, a person’s sins are washed away and the person becomes a member of the universal Christian church. An adult who feels the call of the Holy Spirit may request to be baptized after a time of prayer and contemplation. We will perform the ceremony at one of our Sunday services. Since a person needs to be baptized only once in a lifetime, we will give you a certificate certifying when it was done. 

Children are usually baptized shortly after birth. Because they cannot verbally request the sacrament, their parents request it for them. Along with the child’s parents, two godparents are assigned to assist in the child’s spiritual upbringing. Then, when the child is old enough—usually around age 13—the rite of confirmation is held where the child can confirm for him/herself what was promised at the time of baptism. 

People contemplating baptism should talk with the pastor, who will guide them through the process and assist them in the journey to become Christians. 

Communion, also the called The Lord’s Supper or The Eucharist, is the other sacrament. Christians are encouraged to partake of communion on a regular basis. In it, we reenact the events of the Last Supper, which took place the day before Jesus was crucified. The pastor recites the words Jesus spoke then, and the bread and wine on the altar also become Christ’s body and blood. 

At All Nations Lutheran Church, we celebrate The Eucharist every week and use real wine that has had all the alcohol removed from it. It may therefore be consumed by children and others who do not drink alcohol. We use wafers made from wheat, but have gluten-free wafers for those who request them. Using small individual cups, we prepare only enough for those in attendance at each service, so we have nothing left over. 

All baptized Christians who believe that the bread and wine are also the body and blood of Jesus are welcome to participate. At the appropriate point in the service, come to the altar and the pastor will give you a wafer. Then take one of the individual cups, and, after drinking it, put the cup back into the same space on the tray. If you have any questions, speak to the pastor before the service starts.